BPA BMW Eurosport shell 1/24th scale Camouflage/chrome 7 thou. BMWCS

Dw ferrari Coupe   chrome/snakeskin SSC4 7 thou

Attan Tesla  1/24th scale saloon Camouflage / white


Mail: abslotsport@btinternet.com?subject=order BMWCS&body=BMW BMW CS

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A selection of hydro dipped bodies. These are backed off with fast finish lexan spray paint and semi trimmed so you can cut and mount to your own specifications. Each shell is individual. Just add detail and go racing with a truly one off “different” body!  Each shell comes with a pair of AB sticker front wheels.

The price for all these shells is £10.50 each. Post in the UK is £4.50 for up to 6 bodies.  For international customers these bodies are shipped by tracked priority air mail at an additional cost of £5.00 per packet of up to 6 bodies.

How to purchase;-  As these bodies are truly ON OFF’s there is a different order process;-

Just click the “Click to Order”  box for the body / bodies you want. This will open an email to us detailing the body you want. Click send. If you want more than one body  click the links in turn for the bodies you wish. We will send you a paypal request for you order.    First Come First Served!




1/24th scale Lotus 40  (Dilworth)  DWL 40

1/24 Betta TI22  New can am shell   Cartoon/white

JK Camaro Retro, 1/24th 10 thou  cartoon / white   camcartw

JK Javekin  Retro 1/24th 10 thou snake skin / chrome ssc1

JK Camaro Retro 10 thou Marble/chrome

JK Javelin Retro 1/24th 10 thou Cartoon/w

JK Javekin  Retro 1/24th 10 thou snake skin / green  ssg1

JK Lola 1/24th scale LMP  7 thou web/magneta FM1

DW 1/24th scale All State Special 7 thou chrome/ snake skin SSC2

BPA Lola  5 thou  web/chrome WC1

BPA Lola  5 thou  snake skin/yelloew SSG2

DW Ferrari  Chrome/Snake skin light.  

DW Capri  Chrome / Snake skin light


DW Capri  blue/black camo

Mail: abslotsport@btinternet.com?subject=order dw capri blue/back camo&body=order dw capri blue/back camo