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SINGLE TRANSISTOR CONTROLLER PROJECT ABStransistorcontroller.doc For you convenience;- Component packages from AB Pack 1 MJ14003 Transistor, 40mm fan, Fan Guard, 4 x 3mm fan bolts, 4 x nylon fan bolt spacers £33.80 Pack 3 - Control pack 2 x 10R potentiometer wire wound type) 2 x Control knob 1 x switch (Blast relay) £23.50 Pack 4 - diode brake kit 1 x rotary switch 8 x diodes 1 x Control knob £8.35 Pack 5 Hammond box complete with adhesive rubber feet £12.85 Pack 7 Parma Controller resistor £12.50 Pack 8 (Alternative to parma resistor) SCD 25 step wiper board + 25 x 1.5ohm or 1 ohm resistors (state choice) £20.95 pack price list 2015.pdf abslotportcontroller.pdf Pack 6 40 asm Automotive Blast Relay £5.20 NEW, IMPROVED WIRING DIAGRAM DOWNLOAD Gif files BoxConnections.gif PNPCircuit.gif Schematic.GIF Handle.GIF Pack 9 Parma Turbo Controller Kit (less resistor) £35.09

Please note;- prices and some part numbers quoted on these 2 downloads are not valid. Check Pdf download below for current prices.